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Area search

Area search means visual reconnaissance of limited or defined areas.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Blue Bark
    Blue Bark refers to US military personnel, US citizen civilian employees of the Department of Defense, and the dependents of both categories who travel in connection with the death ...
  • Air terminal
    Air terminal refers to a facility on an airfield that functions as an air transportation hub and accommodates the loading and unloading of airlift aircraft and the intransit processing of traffic.
  • Civil-military operations center
    Civil-military operations center is an organization, normally comprised of civil affairs, established to plan and facilitate coordination of activities of the Armed Forces ...
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  • Clandestine intelligence collection
    Clandestine intelligence collection— the acquisition of protected intelligence information in a way designed to conceal the nature of the operation and protect the source.
  • Amphibious operation
    Amphibious operation refers to a military operation which is launched from the sea by an amphibious force to conduct landing force operations within the littorals.
  • Attack position
    Attack position means the last position occupied by the assault echelon before crossing the line of departure.