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Area search

Area search means visual reconnaissance of limited or defined areas.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Active air defense
    Active air defense refers to direct defensive action taken to destroy, nullify, or reduce the effectiveness of hostile air and missile threats against friendly forces and assets.
  • Mission
    Mission refers to 1. The task, together with the purpose, that clearly indicates the action to be taken and the reason therefore. 2. In common usage ...
  • Flash burn
    Flash burn is a burn that is caused by excessive exposure (of bare skin) to thermal radiation.
  • Lead agency
    Lead agency refers to the US Government agency that is designated to coordinate the interagency oversight of the day-to-day conduct of an ongoing operation.
  • Personnel
    Personnel— those individuals required in either a military or civilian capacity to accomplish the assigned mission.
  • Naval special warfare group
    Naval special warfare group is a permanent Navy echelon III major command to which most naval special warfare forces are assigned for some operational ...
  • Governance Risk
    Governance risk is the main firm risk which is the ability to exercise control over the MNE as a whole, globally, and within a specific country’s legal and political ...