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Arming— as applied to explosives, weapons, and ammunition, the changing from a safe condition to a state of readiness for initiation.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Base operating support
    Base operating support refers to directly assisting, maintaining, supplying, and distributing support of forces at the operating location. Also called BOS.
  • Clearing operation
    Clearing operation is an operation that is designed to clear or neutralize all mines and obstacles from a route or area.
  • Critical occupational specialty
    Critical occupational specialty refers to a military occupational specialty that is selected from among the combat arms in the Army or equivalent military specialties in the Navy ...
  • Contingency Planning Guidance
    Contingency Planning Guidance refers to Secretary of Defense written guidance, approved by the President, for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which focuses ...
  • Forensic-enabled intelligence
    Forensic-enabled intelligence refers to the intelligence resulting from the integration of scientifically examined materials and other information to establish ...
  • Maritime Administration Ready Reserve Force
    Maritime Administration Ready Reserve Force— the surge sealift assets owned and operated by the United States Department of Transportation/Maritime ...
  • Airspace control area
    Airspace control area is an airspace that is laterally defined by the boundaries of the operational area, and may be subdivided into airspace control sectors.