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Arming— as applied to explosives, weapons, and ammunition, the changing from a safe condition to a state of readiness for initiation.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Contingency plan
    Contingency plan refers to a plan for major contingencies that can reasonably be anticipated in the principal geographic subareas of the command.
  • Coordination level
    Coordination level refers to a procedural method to separate fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft by determining an altitude below which fixed-wing aircraft normally will not fly.
  • Commercial vehicle
    Commercial vehicle refers to a vehicle that has evolved in the commercial market to meet civilian requirements and which is selected from existing production lines for military use.
  • Campaign
    Campaign is a series of related major operations aimed at achieving strategic and operational objectives within a given time and space.
  • Casualty receiving and treatment ship
    In amphibious operations Casualty receiving and treatment ship refers to a ship which is designated to receive, provide treatment for, and transfer casualties.
  • Boat space
    Boat space refers to the space and weight factor that is used in planning for one person with individual equipment to determine overall ship-to-shore movement ...
  • Air terminal
    Air terminal refers to a facility on an airfield that functions as an air transportation hub and accommodates the loading and unloading of airlift aircraft and the intransit processing of traffic.