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Arming— as applied to explosives, weapons, and ammunition, the changing from a safe condition to a state of readiness for initiation.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Surf zone
    Surf zone is the area of water from the surf line to the beach.
  • Space capability
    Space capability refers to 1. The ability of a space asset to accomplish a mission. 2. The ability of a terrestrial-based asset to accomplish a mission in or through space.
  • Clandestine intelligence collection
    Clandestine intelligence collection— the acquisition of protected intelligence information in a way designed to conceal the nature of the operation and protect the source.
  • Joint desired point of impact
    Joint desired point of impact— a unique, alpha-numeric coded precise aimpoint associated with a target to achieve an explicit weaponeering objective ...
  • HERO SAFE ordnance
    HERO SAFE ordnance refers to any ordnance item that is percussion initiated, sufficiently shielded or otherwise so protected that all electro-explosive devices ...
  • Global distribution
    Global distribution is the process that coordinates and synchronizes fulfillment of joint force requirements from point of origin to point of employment.
  • Production base
    Production base means the total national industrial production capacity available for the manufacture of items to meet materiel requirements.