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Arming— as applied to explosives, weapons, and ammunition, the changing from a safe condition to a state of readiness for initiation.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Force sourcing
    Force sourcing refers to the identification of the actual units, their origins, ports of embarkation, and movement characteristics to satisfy the time-phased force ...
  • Source registry
    Source registry is a source record/catalogue of leads and sources acquired by collectors and centralized for management, coordination and deconfliction ...
  • Visual information
    Visual information refers to various visual media with or without sound that generally includes still and motion photography, audio video recording ...
  • Advanced unit training
    Advanced unit training— applicatory training given during the final stages of unit training when small (company size) table of organization ...
  • Pressure mine
    Pressure mine refers to 1. In land mine warfare, a mine whose fuse responds to the direct pressure of a target. 2. In naval mine warfare ...
  • Planning factor
    Planning factor— A multiplier used in planning to estimate the amount and type of effort involved in a contemplated operation.
  • Internal defense and development
    Internal defense and development refer to the full range of measures that are taken by a nation to promote its growth and to protect itself from subversion ...