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Arming— as applied to explosives, weapons, and ammunition, the changing from a safe condition to a state of readiness for initiation.

Category: Defense Terms
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    Lodgment— A designated area in a hostile or potentially hostile operational area that, when seized and held, makes the continuous landing of troops and ...
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    Bona fides refer to 1. In personnel recovery, the use of verbal or visual communication by individuals who are unknown to one another, to establish their ...
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    Operational readiness refers to the capability of a unit/formation, ship, weapon system, or equipment to perform the missions or functions for which it is organized or designed.
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    Counterguerrilla operations refer to those operations and activities that are conducted by armed forces, paramilitary forces, or nonmilitary agencies against guerrillas.
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    Joint Doctrine Development System refers to the system of lead agents, Joint Staff doctrine sponsors, primary review authorities, coordinating review authorities ...
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