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1. The placement of units or personnel in an organization where such placement is relatively temporary.  

2. The detailing of individuals to specific functions where such functions are secondary or relatively temporary.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Regional response coordination center
    Regional response coordination center is a standing facility that is activated to coordinate regional response efforts, until a joint field office is established ...
  • Decentralized control
    Decentralized control— in air defense, the normal mode whereby a higher echelon monitors unit actions, making direct target assignments to units only when necessary ...
  • Operational preparation of the environment
    Operational preparation of the environment refers to the conduct of activities in likely or potential areas of operations to prepare and shape the operational environment.
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    Forward presence— maintaining forward-deployed or stationed forces overseas to demonstrate national resolve, strengthen alliances, dissuade potential ...
  • High altitude bombing
    High altitude bombing refers to horizontal bombing with the height of release over 15,000 feet.
  • Amphibious defense zone
    Amphibious defense zone— the area encompassing the amphibious objective area and the adjoining airspace required by accompanying naval forces for the purpose of air defense.