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Attack assessment

Attack assessment is an evaluation of information to determine the potential or actual nature and objectives of an attack for the purpose of providing information for timely decisions.  

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Aeromedical evacuation
    Aeromedical evacuation refers to the movement of patients under medical supervision to and between medical treatment facilities by air transportation.
  • Combat service support
    Combat service support is the essential capabilities, functions, activities, and tasks necessary to sustain all elements of all operating forces in theater at all levels of war.
  • Defense Support Program
    Defense Support Program — Satellites that provide early warning of missile launches. Also called DSP.
  • Component-owned container
    Component-owned container— a 20- or 40-foot International Organization for Standardization container procured and owned by a single Department of Defense component.
  • Berm
    Berm refers to the nearly horizontal portion of a beach or backshore having an abrupt fall and either formed by deposition of material by wave action at the limit of ordinary high tide ...
  • Assault echelon
    Assault echelon— in amphibious operations, the element of a force comprised of tailored units and aircraft assigned to conduct the initial assault on the operational area.
  • Assault schedule
    Assault schedule— in amphibious operations, this schedule provides the formation, composition, and timing of waves landing over the beach.