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Attrition is the process of reducing an HR surplus by allowing the size of the workforce to decline naturally because of the normal pattern of losses associated with retirement, deaths, voluntary turnover, etc.

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  • Specialist Programs
    Specialist programs are tailored to servicing customer needs in one or two narrowly defined areas (e.g., compensation- that is, payroll plus benefits).
  • Severance Pay
    Severance pay is a one-time separation payment when terminating an employee. Severance pay makes sense. It is humanitarian gesture, and good public relations.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964
    Civil Rights Act of 1964 means a federal statute enacted to further guarantee the constitutional rights of individuals and prevent employment discrimination based on race, color
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  • Bereavement leave
    Bereavement leave is an employer policy that provides a specific number of paid days off following the death of an employee’s spouse, parent, child,
  • Protected class
    Persons such as minorities and women protected by equal opportunity laws, including Title VІІ.