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Audience refers to a broadly-defined group that contains stakeholders and/or publics relevant to military operations.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Blister agent
    Blister agent refers to a chemical agent that injures the eyes and lungs, and burns or blisters the skin. Also called vesicant agent.
  • Base plan
    Base plan is a type of operation plan that describes the concept of operations, major forces, sustainment concept, and anticipated timelines for completing the mission ...
  • Air-capable ship
    Air-capable ship— a ship other than an aircraft carrier, nuclear; amphibious assault ship (general purpose); or amphibious assault ship (multipurpose) from which...
  • Active duty for training
    Active duty for training refers to a tour of active duty that is used for training members of the Reserve Component to provide trained units and qualified persons to fill the needs...
  • Area of influence
    Area of influence refers to a geographical area wherein a commander is directly capable of influencing operations by maneuver or fire support systems ...
  • Command information
    Command information refers to the communication by a military organization directed to the internal audience that creates an awareness of the organization’s goals ...
  • Communications security
    Communications security— the protection resulting from all measures designed to deny unauthorized persons information of value that might be derived from the possession ...