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Audience refers to a broadly-defined group that contains stakeholders and/or publics relevant to military operations.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Nonconventional assisted recovery
    Nonconventional assisted recovery means personnel recovery, conducted by indigenous/surrogate personnel that are trained, supported, and led by special ...
  • Base operating support-integrator
    Base operating support-integrator is the designated Service component or joint task force commander assigned to synchronize all sustainment functions for a contingency base.
  • Air land operation
    Air land operation refers to an operation that is involved movement by air with a designated destination for further ground deployment of units and personnel...
  • Contingency
    Contingency is a situation requiring military operations in response to natural disasters, terrorists, subversives, or as otherwise directed by appropriate...
  • Naval special warfare
    Naval special warfare refers to a naval warfare specialty that conducts special operations with an emphasis on maritime, coastal, and riverine environments ...
  • Distribution pipeline
    Distribution pipeline refers to continuum or channel through which the Department of Defense conducts distribution operations, representing the end-to-end flow ...
  • Condition
    Condition refers to 1. Those variables of an operational environment or situation in which a unit, system, or individual is expected to operate and may affect performance.