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Audience refers to a broadly-defined group that contains stakeholders and/or publics relevant to military operations.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Times
    Times— The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff coordinates the proposed dates and times with the commanders of the appropriate unified and specified ...
  • Isolated personnel report
    Isolated personnel report— a Department of Defense form containing information designed to facilitate the identification and authentication of an isolated person ...
  • Standing rules for the use of force
    Standing rules for the use of force— preapproved directives to guide United States forces on the use of force during various operations. Also called SRUF.
  • Medical surveillance
    Medical surveillance— the ongoing, systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of data derived from instances of medical care or medical evaluation ...
  • Hung ordnance
    Hung ordnance refers to those weapons or stores on an aircraft that the pilot has attempted to drop or fire but could not because of a malfunction of the weapon ...
  • Explosive cargo
    Explosive cargo refers to kind of cargo such as artillery ammunition, bombs, depth charges, demolition material, rockets, and missiles.
  • Common-use container
    Common-use container refers to any Department of Defense-owned, -leased, or -controlled 20- or 40-foot International Organization for Standardization container ...