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Audience refers to a broadly-defined group that contains stakeholders and/or publics relevant to military operations.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Noncombatant evacuation operation
    Noncombatant evacuation operation refers to an operation whereby noncombatant evacuees are evacuated from a threatened area abroad, which includes ...
  • Diversion
    Diversion refers to 1. The act of drawing the attention and forces of an enemy from the point of the principal operation; an attack, alarm, or feint that diverts attention. 2. A change ...
  • Key terrain
    Key terrain is any locality, or area, the seizure or retention of which affords a marked advantage to either combatant.
  • External support contract
    External support contract— Contract awarded by contracting organizations whose contracting authority does not derive directly from the theater support contracting ...
  • Military civic action
    Military civic action refers to programs and projects that are managed by United States forces but executed primarily by indigenous military or security forces ...
  • Cargo increment number
    Cargo increment number is a seven-character alphanumeric field that uniquely describes a non-unit-cargo entry (line) in the Joint Operation Planning and Execution System ...
  • Emergency action committee
    Emergency action committee refers to an organization that is established at a foreign service post by the chief of mission or principal officer for the purpose ...