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Avenue of approach

Avenue of approach— an air or ground route of an attacking force of a given size leading to its objective or to key terrain in its path.  Also called AA.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Guarded frequencies
    Guarded frequencies refer to a list of time-oriented, enemy frequencies that are currently being exploited for combat information and intelligence or jammed ...
  • Public affairs guidance
    Public affairs guidance— Constraints and restraints established by proper authority regarding public communication activities. Also called PAG.
  • Preplanned air support
    Preplanned air support— Air support in accordance with a program, planned in advance of operations.
  • Supercargo
    Supercargo— Personnel that accompany cargo on board a ship for the purpose of accomplishing en route maintenance and security.
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    Ready-to-load date refers to the date when a unit will be ready to move from the origin, i.e., mobilization station. Also called RLD.
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