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Backfill— reserve Component units and individuals recalled to replace deploying active units and/or individuals in the continental United States and outside the continental United States.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • National shipping authority
    National shipping authority is the organization within each Allied government responsible in time of war for the direction of its own merchant shipping. Also called NSA.
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    Obstacle intelligence— Those collection efforts to detect the presence of enemy and natural obstacles, determine their types and dimensions, and provide ...
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    Person authorized to direct disposition of human remains— A person, usually primary next of kin, who is authorized to direct disposition of human remains.
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  • Air domain
    Air domain is the atmosphere, beginning at the Earth’s surface, extending to the altitude where its effects upon operations become negligible.
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    Subordinate command refers to a command consisting of the commander and all those individuals, units, detachments, organizations, or installations that ...
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    Naval beach group— a permanently organized naval command within an amphibious force composed of a commander and staff, a beachmaster unit, an amphibious ...