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  • Protocol stack
    Protocol stack is an ordered collection of networking protocols that, taken together, provide end-to-end network communications between a
  • Novell IPX ODI Protocol
    Novell IPX ODI Protocol is the name that Windows 98, Release 2, gives to the Microsoft implementation of the IPX/SPX protocol suite for that
  • Protocol suite
    Protocol suite which a family of related protocols in which higher-layer protocols provide application services and request handling facilities,
  • Server
    A computer whose job is to respond to requests for services or resources from clients elsewhere on a network, is called server.
  • Global group
    Global group is a group meant to be used in more than one domain.
  • Jumper
    A small, special-purpose connector designed to make contact between two pins on an adapter card of some kind: sometimes
  • Amplifier
    A hardware device that increases the power of electrical signals to maintain their original strength when transmitted across a large