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  • TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)
    The core of the TCP/IP suite. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is a connection-oriented protocol responsible for reformatting data into
  • non routable
    A protocol that does not include network layer, or network address, information, is called non routable.
  • Baud
    Baud is a measurement of modem speed that describes the number of state transitions that occur in a second on an analog phone line.
  • Dedicated server
    A network server that acts only as a server and is not intended for regular use as a client machine, is called dedicated server.
  • Client
    Client is a computer system on a network that requests resources or services from some other computer.
  • Wall plate
    Wall plate is a module that includes couplers for telephone (RJ-11) and network (RJ-45, BNC, or other female connectors) jacks.
  • Samba
    Samba is an open source software suite that makes Linux servers look and act like Windows Servers. It permits DOS or Windows clients