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Bridge Loan

Bridge Loan is temporary finance provided to a project until long-term arrangements are made.

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  • Bid price
    Bid price refers to the price that a dealer is willing to pay for (i.e., buy) a foreign exchange or a security.
  • Branch Managers
    When banks operate large branch system, many of these functions are supervised by the manager of each branch office.
  • Operating Lease
    In generally, for a short-term and often voidable at the option of the lessee and lessor by a notice is called operating lease. In fact , Operating lease also is called "service lease" or "maintenance lease".
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    The amount of liquid assets that firms must hold in order to remain solvent and attain partial protection against...
  • Branch banking
    Branch banking is an arrangement in which a bank offers a full range of services from multiple locations, including a head office and one or more branch offices.
  • Superregional banks
    Superregional banks is the Bank holding companies similar in size to money center banks, but whose headquarters are not based in one of the money center cities (New York, Chicago, and San Francisco).
  • Net transaction exposure
    Net transaction exposure means consideration of inflows and outflows in a given currency to determine the exposure after offsetting inflows against outflows.