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Bridge Loan

Bridge Loan is temporary finance provided to a project until long-term arrangements are made.

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  • Credit Control
    To keep the amount of loan in the optimum level is known as credit control. In case of individual the person himself maintain the level of optimal ...
  • Specialized Banks
    These are the banks which concentrate mainly on financing specialized economic and social activities.
  • Longer-term refinancing operations
    Longer-term refinancing operations is a category of open market operations by the European Central Bank that is similar to the Fed’s outright purchases or sales of securities.
  • Project finance
    Project finance refers to the arrangement of financing for long-term capital projects, large in scale, long in life, and generally high in risk.
  • Market-penetration deposit pricing
    Market-penetration deposit pricing is the offering high interest rates (ofte4n well above current market levels) or charging low or zero
  • Accounts receivables
    The right of receive money of a firm from customers (individuals or corporations) because the firm had provided customers with goods and/or services on credit but not yet paid for.
  • Customs Broker
    Customs Broker are licensed agent or broker whose function is to handle the process of clearing goods though customs for importers.