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Collusion is a secret agreement between two or more persons to defraud another person of his or her right in order to achieve an unlawful objective.

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  • Hysteresis
    Hysteresis is a departure from full-employment levels as a result of past high unemployment.
  • Commercial Banks
    Generally bank means commercial bank from the ancient period of time. These banks function primarily as deposit takers and lenders to trade and commerce.
  • Statement of changes in financial position
    Statement of changes in financial position also referred to as a source and use of funds statement or simply a funds statement; accounts for increases and decreases in a company’s net working capital throughout an accounting period.
  • Credit Crunch
    Credit Crunch refers to a situation where supply of credit falls even though there is sufficient demand for it.
  • Cofinancing agreements
    Cofinancing agreements— arrangement in which the World Bank participates along with other agencies or lenders in providing funds to developing countries.
  • Funding instrument
    Funding instrument is an insurance contract or trust agreement that states the terms under which the funding agency will accumulate, administer, and disburse
  • Primary beneficiary
    Primary beneficiary allows beneficiary of a life insurance policy who is first entitled to receive the policy proceeds on the insured’s death.