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Collusion is a secret agreement between two or more persons to defraud another person of his or her right in order to achieve an unlawful objective.

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  • Yield to maturity
    Yield to maturity refers to the rate of interest (discount) that equates future cash flows of a bond, both interest and principal, with the present market ...
  • Excess reserves
    Excess reserves is the reserves in excess of required reserves.
  • Agency problem
    Agency problem means generally the contradiction of the owners goals with the management agent.
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    There are the following features of central bank : The objective of the central bank is to the economic welfare of the country, To take the responsibility of note issue,
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    CAP is a structure using an option that results in the setting of a maximum interest/foreign exchange rate on a liability.
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    Counter trade is the trade that includes barter, buy-back, counterpurchase, offset requirements, and swaps relating to exporters commitments to take