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Collusion is a secret agreement between two or more persons to defraud another person of his or her right in order to achieve an unlawful objective.

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  • Drawer
    Drawer is the individual or entity that issues or signs a draft instructing the drawee to pay a specified sum of money to, or to the order of, a
  • Cash Credit (CC)
    Cash Credit (CC) is an arrangement whereby the bank gives a short-term loan against the self-liquidating security.
  • Cash budgeting
    Cash budgeting is the planning for future receipts and disbursement of cash.
  • Netting
    Netting refers to the offsetting of sums due between two business entities. If “A” owes “B” $100, and “B” owes “A” $60, a single payment of $40 from “A” to ...
  • Unfair Calling Insurance
    Unfair Calling Insurance is insurance coverage to protect principals who have issued demand guarantees, bonds or standby letters of credit
  • Operating instrument
    Operating instrument is a variable that is very responsive to the central bank’s tools and indicates the stance of monetary policy (also called a policy instrument).
  • Reserve Ratio
    This method involving that, the central bank is given the power to vary the minimum cash reserves to be kept by the commercial banks with the central bank.