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Collusion is a secret agreement between two or more persons to defraud another person of his or her right in order to achieve an unlawful objective.

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  • Plaza Accord
    Plaza Accord refers to an agreement among country representatives in 1985 to implement a coordinated program to weaken the dollar.
  • Common stock
    Common stock refers to the stock that is issued more broadly than preferred stock and that gives the stockholders voting rights and elect the board of directors of the firm.
  • Holder in Due Course
    Holder in Due Course is a holder who takes a bill, complete and regular on the face of it, under the following conditions:
  • Covered Interest Arbitrage (CIA)
    Covered Interest Arbitrage (CIA) is the process whereby an investor earns a risk free profit by (1) borrowing funds in one currency, (2) exchanging those funds ...
  • Technical Forecasting
    Technical forecasting refers to development of forecasts using historical prices or trends. It involves the use of historical exchange rate.....
  • Trustees
    Trustees have a fiduciary duty to act in accordance with a trust deed and for the benefit of the beneficiary (ies).
  • Liquidity preference theory
    Liquidity preference theory means John Maynard Keynes’s theory of the demand for money.