Definition Of

Employee Recruiting

Employee recruiting means finding and/or attracting applicants for the employer’s open positions.

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  • Employment torts
    Employment torts is the grounds on which a lawsuit is based, such as wrongful discharge, negligence or invasion of privacy.
  • Predictive validity
    Predictive validity used in the test validation process to measure the relationship between test scores and actual job performance.
  • Position control
    Position control is a workforce planning tool that imposes certain rules or restrictions on the creation, and filling of positions as a means to manage and control
  • Job shops
    Job shops refers companies that make products to customer’s individual specifications.
  • Employee Requirement Ratio
    Employee requirement ratio is the relationship between the operational index and the demand for labour.
  • Mandatory bargaining items
    Mandatory bargaining items- items in collective bargaining that a party must bargain over if they are introduced by the other party which bargaining is mandatory under the law.
  • Spot Bonus
    Spot Bonus is a spontaneous incentive awarded to individuals for accomplishments not readily measured by a standard.