Definition Of

Employee Recruiting

Employee recruiting means finding and/or attracting applicants for the employer’s open positions.

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  • The Polygraph
    The polygraph is a device that measures physiological changes like increased perspiration. The assumption is that such changes reflect changes in ...
  • Incentive pay
    Incentive pay can be defined as additional compensation used to motivate and reward employees for exceeding performance or productivity goals.
  • Disparate treatment
    Disparate treatment can be defined as such treatment results when rules or policies are applied inconsistently to one group of people over another. Discrimination may
  • Value statement
    Value statement is a document outlining and representing the core priorities in the organization’s culture.
  • Tangible rewards
    Tangible rewards that can be physically touched or held (i.e., a gift certificate, gifts in the form of merchandise or a savings bond.)
  • Illegal bargaining items
    Illegal bargaining items are forbidden by law. A clause agreeing to hire union members exclusively would be illegal in a right-to work state.
  • Supplement Pay Benefits
    Pay for time not worked—also called supplemental pay benefits- is the most costly benefit, because of the large amount of time off that most employees receive.