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Employee Recruiting

Employee recruiting means finding and/or attracting applicants for the employer’s open positions.

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  • Rank order
    Rank order is a rating method where the performance of a group, process or product is arranged in a particular order, such as highest to lowest.
  • Disaster recovery plan
    Disaster recovery plan a set of guidelines and procedures to be used by an organization for the recovery of data lost due to severe forces of nature, such as earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, floods or hurricanes.
  • Reciprocal review
    Reciprocal review is an appraisal method where the subordinate and the manager are evaluated by each other based on agreedupon performance criteria.
  • Sex discrimination
    Sex discrimination can be defined as discriminatory conduct or actions based on sex or pregnancy, as it relates to conditions of employment, benefits, pay and opportunities for advancement.
  • Takeover
    A takeover occurs when one company seeks to acquire another company. Usually, a takeover refers to a hostile transaction, but it can mean a friendly merger as well.
  • Training
    Training means the process of teaching new or current employees the basic/particular skills they need to perform their jobs. This might mean ...
  • Compa ratio
    Compa ratio is the ratio of an actual pay rate to the midpoint for the respective pay grade used for comparing actual rates of pay with the