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Financial Incentives

 Financial incentives—financial rewards paid to workers whose production exceeds some predetermined standard.

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  • Interview to offer ratio
    Interview to offer ratio is the ratio of the numbers of individuals interviewed to actual offers extended.
  • Home Country Nationals
    Home country nationals are citizens of the country in which the multinational company has its headquarters.
  • Applicant flow data
    Records of hiring, promotion and other related employment actions used for the purpose of monitoring selection and employment practices is called Applicant flow dat
  • Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit
    Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit is the Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit is a federal income tax credit that encourages employers to hire long-term family assistance recipients
  • Expedited arbitration
    Expedited arbitration is a dispute resolution method used by the American Arbitration Association to resolve cases in accordance with a prescribed set of guidelines.
  • Opt-out provision
    Opt-out provision is an employer benefit plan provision that offers cash, extra benefits or additional credits in return for an employee reducing the level of benefits he
  • Compliance Officer
    Compliance Officer is an employee of the OFCCP engaged in the investigation of employment discrimination charges and conducting compliance reviews. The