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Financial Incentives

 Financial incentives—financial rewards paid to workers whose production exceeds some predetermined standard.

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  • Illegal bargaining items
    Illegal bargaining items are forbidden by law. A clause agreeing to hire union members exclusively would be illegal in a right-to work state.
  • Unsafe Acts
    Unsafe Acts refer behavior tendencies and undesirable attitudes that cause accidents.
  • Employer
    Employer can be defined as Under EEOC Policy Guidelines, a person or persons engaging in an industry affecting commerce who has 15 or more employees for each
  • Cost of living adjustment (COLA)
    Cost of living adjustment (COLA) is an annual adjustment in wages to offset a change in purchasing power, as measured by the Consumer Price Index.
  • The Labor Market
    A labor market is the area from which an organization recruits its employees. Such an area may be metropolitan, regional, provincial, national or international.
  • Dress code
    Dress code is an organizational policy or rule to be used by employees as a guideline as to what is considered appropriate attire for the workplace.
  • Equal opportunity survey
    Equal opportunity survey : This report is sent to a substantial portion of all nonconstruction contractors each year. It requires them to provide to the OFCCP information