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Forensic accounting

Forensic accounting is an area of accounting that uses accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to conduct investigations into theft and fraud.

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  • Ratio
    Ratio is an expression of the mathematical relationship between one quantity and another. The relationship may be expressed either as a percentage, a rate, or a simple proportion.
  • Management Consultancy
    Management Consultancy is an investigation of an organization by an independent body in order to evaluate its organization with a view to
  • Depreciation Methods
    Depreciation is generally computed using one of the following methods: Straight-line, Units-of-activity, Declining-balance...
  • Proprietorship
    A business owned by one person is generally a proprietorship. The owner is often the manager/operator of the business. Small service-type businesses...
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  • Subsidiary ledger
    A subsidiary ledger that collects transaction data of individual creditors. Companies use subsidiary ledgers to keep track of individual balances.
  • Plant Asset Disposal
    The accounting for disposal of a plant asset through retirement or sale as follows: (a) Eliminate the book value of the plant asset at the date of disposal.