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Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the protocol used by the WWW to transfer files.

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  • Multi station Access Unit (MAAY or MSAU)
    Multi station Access Unit (MAAY or MSAU) is an active hub in a token ring network.
  • Telco
    Telco is a telephone company or telephone service provider.
  • Gateway
    Gateway is a networking device that translates information between protocols or between completely different networks, such as from TCP/IP
  • Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)
    Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) is a vendor-maintained list of all hardware compatible with a particular operating system. In practice, it
  • Local host
    A special DNS host name that refers to whatever IP address is assigned to the machine where this name is referenced, is called local
  • Demand priority
    Demand priority refers a high-speed channel access method used by 100 VG-Any LAN in a star hub topology.
  • Routing table
    Routing table is a reference table that includes network information and the next router in line for a particular path.