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Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the protocol used by the WWW to transfer files.

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  • Flow control
    An action designed to regulate the transfer of information between a sender and a receiver. Most often flow control is necessary when a speed differential exists between sender and receiver.
  • Thin wire
    Thin wire refers a synonym for 10 Base 2 and thin net.
  • MAC address
    The address on any NIC that the MAC layer handles, is called MAC address.
  • Fire Wire
    A high-speed, external serial bus that supports bandwidths up to 400 Mbps and can connect up to 63 devices. Also known as IEEE 1394.
  • 802.5
    802.5 is the IEEE specification within Project for token ring LANs, which map a circulating ring structure onto a physical star and circulate a token
  • Base memory address
    The memory address at which the transfer area between the computer’s main memory and NICs buffers begins, bounded by the size of its extent,
  • X.25
    An international standard for wide-area packet-switched communications. X.25 offers 64-Kbps network connections and users