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Insolvent is the condition when one is unable to pay one’s debt obligations when due.

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  • Bank to Bank Payment
    Bank to Bank Payment is a transfer of funds between remitter and beneficiary via the banking system.
  • Managed float
    Managed float is an exchange rate regime in which countries attempt to influence their exchange rates by buying and selling currencies (also called a dirty float).
  • Required reserve ratio
    Required reserve ratio is the fraction of deposits that the fed requires is kept as reserves.
  • Self-liquidating theory
    Self liquidating (real bills doctrine) theory is a traditional and conservative banking theory. The main theme of this theory...
  • Counter purchase
    Counter purchase refers to exchange of goods between two parties under two distinct contracts expressed in monetary terms.
  • Interbank Market
    If a bank begins to experience a shortage in a particular foreign currency, it can purchase that currency from other banks. This trading between banks occurs in what is often referred to as the interbank market.
  • Quotas
    Quotas is the restrictions on the quantity of foreign goods that can be imported.