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Insolvent is the condition when one is unable to pay one’s debt obligations when due.

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  • Present discounted value
    Present discounted value is the today’s value of a payment to be received in the future when the interest rate is i. Also called present discounted value.
  • Superregional banks
    Superregional banks is the Bank holding companies similar in size to money center banks, but whose headquarters are not based in one of the money center cities (New York, Chicago, and San Francisco).
  • UCP 600
    UCP 600 means uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, ICC Publication No. 600, the set of rules that govern international
  • Retention limit
    Retention limit is an amount of insurance retained by a ceding company for its own account in a reinsurance operation.
  • Head and Counter Credits
    Back to Back Credits or Head and Counter Credits is a documentary credit (counter) taken out by an importer to allow purchase of goods required to meet a sale covered under an original (head) credit.
  • International policy coordination
    International policy coordination is the agreements among countries to enact policies cooperatively.
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
    Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is a theoretical model that relates the return on an asset to its risk, where risk is the contribution of the asset to the volatility ...