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Instrumentality is the perceived relationship between successful performance and actually obtaining the reward.

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  • Disaster recovery plan
    Disaster recovery plan a set of guidelines and procedures to be used by an organization for the recovery of data lost due to severe forces of nature, such as earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, floods or hurricanes.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
    Cost benefit analysis examines the relationship between the costs of a program and its benefits. Costs included in these calculations are classified in several ways. Direct costs...
  • Reality shock
    Reality shock is a phenomenon that occurs when a new employee’s expectations and enthusiasm confront the reality of a boring or otherwise unattractive work situation.
  • Seniority
    Seniority status determined by the length of time an employee has worked for a specific employer, department or position within the organization.
  • Demographics
    Demographics is the physical characteristics of a population, such as age, sex, marital status, family size, education, geographic location and occupation.
  • Blind ad
    Blind ad is a job advertisement placed in a newspaper, trade journal/publication, magazine or Internet job board that contains no identifying information about the employer placing the ad.
  • Alternative Staffing
    Temporary employees are examples of alternative staffing- basically, the use of nontraditional recruitment sources. Other alternative staffing arrangements include ...