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Instrumentality is the perceived relationship between successful performance and actually obtaining the reward.

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  • Error of recency
    Error of recency occurs when raters assign a rating based on the individual’s short-term versus long-term job performance.
  • Localization
    Localization is the strategy of applying locale-specific terminology and data to a specific product or application in order to meet the
  • Academician
    An educator who is a faculty member at a college or university also referred to as Academician.
  • Severance Pay
    Severance pay is a one-time separation payment when terminating an employee. Severance pay makes sense. It is humanitarian gesture, and good public relations.
  • Injunction
    An injunction is a court order compelling a party or parties either to resume or to desist from a certain action.
  • Ranking method
    Ranking method is the simplest method of job evaluation that involves ranking each job relative to all other jobs, usually based on overall difficulty.
  • Career
    Career define as the “occupational positions a person has had over many years". Many people look back on their careers, knowing that what they might have achieved...