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Instrumentality is the perceived relationship between successful performance and actually obtaining the reward.

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  • Written warning
    Written warning can be defined as written documentation given to an employee describing specific disciplinary infractions, such as inappropriate conduct, poor
  • Wage differential
    Wage differential can be defined as differences in wage rates for similar jobs occurring either due to the location of company, hours of work, working conditions,
  • Climate survey
    Climate survey is a tool used to solicit and asses employee opinions, feelings, perceptions and expectations regarding a variety of factors pertinent to maintaining the
  • Privacy
    Privacy refers to information about an employee which he or she regards as personal or private (i.e., medical information, financial data, etc.) and
  • Ability test
    Ability test refers to an assessment instrument used to measure an individual’s abilities, mental or physical skills level i.e. problem solving, manual dexterity, etc.
  • Labor force
    Labor force is the number of employed individuals in the civilian workforce and armed services.
  • Attendance policy
    Attendance policy is an employer’s written standards regarding the requirement for employees to be on time and present at work during regularly scheduled work periods.