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Internal process perspective

Internal process perspective is a viewpoint employed in the balanced scorecard to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s value chain, including product development, production, delivery, and after-sale service.

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  • Schedule of cash payments
    The schedule of cash payments shows the distribution of cash to the partners in partnership liquidation.
  • Purchase invoice
    Purchase invoice refers to a document that supports each credit purchase. This invoice indicates the total purchase price and other relevant information.
  • Par value stock
    Par value stock is capital stock to which the charter has assigned a value per share.
  • Sales discount
    A sales discount is a reduction or cash discount that is given by a seller to the customer for prompt payment of the balance due. It is based on the invoice price less returns...
  • Change in accounting principle
    A change in accounting principle occurs when the principle used in the current year is different form the one used in the preceding year.
  • Total cost of work in process
    Total cost of work in process is the cost of the beginning work in process plus total manufacturing costs for the current period.
  • Outstanding assets
    Outstanding assets are those assets over which the company has no immediate claim but which are recoverable at a later date or which