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Limit is a documentary credit limit is the maximum amount for which an importer may have balances outstanding under documentary credits at any one time.

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  • Offer
    Offer refers to the price at which a trader is willing to sell foreign exchange, securities, or commodities. Also called “ask.”
  • Operational Risk
    Operational Risk includes all risks not included in market risks and credit risks, such as losses arising from fraud, failure in computer systems and
  • Risk premium.
    Risk premium is the additional premium which is given to the investors to take risk than non-risky return .
  • Disability income insurance
    Disability income insurance is the type of insurance that pays benefits to those who cannot work due to some sort of disability.
  • International cash management
    International cash management is the set of activities determining the levels of cash balances held throughout the MNE (cash management) and the facilitation ...
  • Equities
    Equities is the claims to share in the net income and assets of a corporation (such as common stock).
  • Risk-based capital (RBC)
    Risk-based capital (RBC) under NAIC standards, insurers are required to have a certain amount of capital that is based on the riskiness of