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Loan Risk

Loan Risk this is the risk of loss from loaning money and having the borrower fail to repay, either due to genuine reasons or willfully

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  • Ad Valorem Duty
    Duty assessed as a percentage rate of the value of the imported merchandise is called Ad Valorem Duty.
  • Primary deposits
    Primary deposits are those deposits that bank collects from different surplus stakeholders in the economy by different accounts.
  • Cash conversion cycle
    Cash conversion cycle is the period of time extending between cash outflow of purchased inputs and materials and cash inflow from cash settlement ...
  • Deposit rate ceiling
    Deposit rate ceiling is the restriction on the maximum interest rate payable on deposits.
  • Investment banking services
    Investment banking services is a bank’s offer to underwrite a corporate or institutional customer’s securities in order to aid that customer in raising funds.
  • Repurchase agreement (repo)
    Repurchase agreement (repo) is an arrangement whereby the Fed, or another party, purchases securities with the understanding that the seller will repurchase them in
  • Working capital loans
    Working capital loans is the loans that provide businesses with short-term credit lasting from a few days to one year and that are often