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Loan Risk

Loan Risk this is the risk of loss from loaning money and having the borrower fail to repay, either due to genuine reasons or willfully

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    Foreign exchange risk or exposure— the likelihood that an unexpected change in exchange rates will alter the home currency value of foreign currency cash ...
  • Bills discounted
    This item represents the total of the bills discounted which have not yet matured and are in hand at the date of the Balance sheet.
  • Endorsement
    Endorsement writing on the back of an instrument (e.g. Bill of Exchange).
  • Available Balance
    Available Balance is the portion of a customer’s account balance having no restrictions from the bank and available for immediate withdrawals.
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    Multimodal transport bill of lading bill of Lading used for carriage whenever there are at least two different forms of transport, such as
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    Profit maximization means to increase profit of the firm.