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Motivation refers to the process by which a person’s efforts are energized, directed, and sustained toward attaining a goal.

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  • Storming stage
    The storming stage is named because of the intergroup conflict that occurs over who will control the group and what the group needs to
  • Consideration
    The second dimension, called consideration, was defined as the extent to which a leader has work relationships characterized by mutual trust
  • Geocentric Orientation
    An international firm adopts a systems approach to strategic decision making that emphasizes global integration.
  • Manufacturing organization
    Manufacturing organization that produce physical goods. It’s easy to see the operations management process at work in these types of
  • Transactional leaders
    Transactional leaders- that is leaders who lead primarily by using social exchanges (or transactions). Transactional leaders guide or
  • Leader's Passion
    A highly motivated sense of commitment to what you do and want to do.
  • Foreign subsidiary
    A direct investment in a foreign country that involves setting up a separate and independent facility or office is called foreign subsidiary.