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Open-End Credit

Open-End Credit commonly referred to as a Line of Credit. May be used repeatedly up to a certain limit; also called a Charge Account or Revolving Credit

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  • All-equity discount rate
    All-equity discount rate is a discount rate in capital budgeting that would be appropriate for discounting operating cash flows if the project were financed entirely with owners’ equity.
  • Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC)
    Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC)— under U.S. tax code, a type of foreign corporation, that provides tax-exempt or tax-deferred income for U.S. persons ...
  • Acquisitions of existing operations
    Firms frequently acquire other firms in foreign countries as a means of penetrating foreign markets.
  • AQIS
    AQIS is an acronym of Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
  • Clean-up merger
    Clean-up merger also called Take-out merger. The consolidation of the acquired firm into the acquiring firm after the acquirer has obtained
  • Direct Deposit
    Direct deposit lets the user authorize specific deposits, such as paychecks and social security checks, to his account on a regular basis.
  • Bill of Lading
    Bill of Lading is a receipt issued by a shipowner or his agent incorporating a contract setting out the rights and obligations of a shipping company in transporting goods by sea.