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Open-End Credit

Open-End Credit commonly referred to as a Line of Credit. May be used repeatedly up to a certain limit; also called a Charge Account or Revolving Credit

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  • Paper Standard
    The monetary standard in which paper notes are used as monetary purpose. Which is of course one kind of credit money issued by ...
  • Commercial Credit Risk
    Commercial Credit Risk is the risk of loss from providing credit to corporate counter-parties. Extension of credit can take the form of direct
  • Par
    Par is the term applied when the forward price of the purchase or sale of foreign currency is the same as the spot price.
  • Acceptance
    The term Acceptance means an undertaking by the drawee (who then becomes the “acceptor”), of a Bill of Exchange to pay to the person presenting the bill.
  • Commercial Paper (CP)
    Commercial Paper (CP) issue of short-term notes, without any underwriting, representing a promise to repay the amount at a specified
  • World Trade Organization (WTO)
    The World trade organization(WTO) was created as a result of the Uruguay Round of trade negotiations that led to the GATT accord in 1993.
  • Assignment of Proceeds
    Assignment of Proceeds is the process of assigning proceeds or part proceeds of a negotiation or claim under an export documentary credit by the negotiating bank