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Open-End Credit

Open-End Credit commonly referred to as a Line of Credit. May be used repeatedly up to a certain limit; also called a Charge Account or Revolving Credit

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  • Counter trade
    Counter trade is the trade that includes barter, buy-back, counterpurchase, offset requirements, and swaps relating to exporters commitments to take
  • Amount at risk
    Amount at risk is the balance of the sum payable not covered by reserves, potentially falling on the net worth (net assets) of the company.
  • Discount bond
    Discount bond is a credit market instrument that is bought at a price below its face value and whose face value is repaid at the maturity date; it does not make any interest payments. Also called a zero-coupon bond.
  • Representative office
    Representative office is the simplest organizational presence for a bank in foreign markets, consisting of limited-services supplied by the
  • Vostro Account
    Vostro Account is a bank account held by a foreign correspondent of the local bank with that bank, in the local currency.
  • Financial advisory services
    Financial advisory services is a range of services offered by banks that may include investment advice, the preparation of tax returns,
  • Zero Coupon Bond
    Zero Coupon Bond is a bond issued at a discount (i.e. below par value), earning no interest but redeemable at its par value, thus providing a