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Premium is the difference between the selling price and the fact value of a bond/stock, when the bond/stock is sold for more than its face value.

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  • Standard predetermined overhead rate
    Standard predetermined overhead rate is an overhead rate determined by dividing budgeted overhead costs by an expected standard activity index.
  • Total materials variance
    Total materials variance is the difference between the actual quantity times the actual price and the standard quantity times the standard price of materials.
  • Budget committee
    Budget committee is a group responsible for coordinating the preparation of the budget. Budget committee has responsibility for coordinating the preparation...
  • Equity method
    Equity method is an accounting method in which the investment is common stock is initially recorded at cost, and the investment account is then adjusted...
  • Auditing
    Auditing is the examination of financial statements by a certified public accountant in order to express an opinion as to the fairness of presentation.
  • Classified of inventory
    In a manufacturing company, some inventory may not yet be ready for sale. As a result, manufacturers usually classify inventory into three categories: finished goods...
  • Current replacement cost
    Current replacement cost means the current cost to replace an inventory item. Companies apply LCM to the items in inventory after they have used one of the cost flow methods...