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A network-layer service that determines how to deliver an outgoing packet of data from sender to receiver. Routing entails several methods for managing delivery and requires error-and status-reporting so that senders’ can determine if they are reaching their receivers.

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  • Bridge
    A networking device that works at the Data Link layer of the OSI model, is called bridge. It filters traffic according the packet’s hardware
  • Satellite microwave
    A microwave transmission system that uses geosynchronous satellites to send and relay signals between sender and receiver. Most
  • Collision
    Collision occurs when two computers put data on the cable at the same time. This corrupts the electronic signals in the packet and causes data
  • Server
    A computer whose job is to respond to requests for services or resources from clients elsewhere on a network, is called server.
  • Geosynchronous
    Geosynchronous is an orbital position relative to the Earth where a satellite orbits at the same speed as the Earth rotates. This permits
  • Directory services
    Directory services is a comprehensive network service that manages information about network services, resources, users, groups, and
  • Thicknet
    A form of coaxial Ethernet that uses a rigid cable about in 4” in diameter, is called thicknet. Because of its common jacket color and