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A network-layer service that determines how to deliver an outgoing packet of data from sender to receiver. Routing entails several methods for managing delivery and requires error-and status-reporting so that senders’ can determine if they are reaching their receivers.

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  • Intellimirror
    A Windows 2000 client/server application that creates a “smart back-up copy” of a Windows 2000 systems on a Windows 2000 server;
  • Standalone computer
    Standalone computer is a computer that’s not attached to a network.
  • Secondary ring
    An FDDI ring used for the sole purpose of handling traffic in the event of a cable failure, is called secondary ring.
  • Time-domain reflectometer (TDR)
    Time-domain reflectometer (TDR) is a network troubleshooting device that can determine whether there is a break or short in the cable and if so
  • Local host
    A special DNS host name that refers to whatever IP address is assigned to the machine where this name is referenced, is called local
  • RJ-11
    RJ-11 is the four-wire modular jack commonly used for home telephone handsets
  • Transceiver
    A compound work made from the beginning of the word transmitter and the end of the world receiver. Thus a transceiver combines the