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A network-layer service that determines how to deliver an outgoing packet of data from sender to receiver. Routing entails several methods for managing delivery and requires error-and status-reporting so that senders’ can determine if they are reaching their receivers.

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  • Segmentation
    Segmentation is the action of decomposing a larger, upper-layer PDU into a collection of smaller, lower-layer PDUs. It includes sequencing
  • Internetwork Packet Exchange
  • Newsgroup
    Newsgroup a discussion group in which people share information through USENET.
  • 802.12
    802.12 means the IEEE specification within Project 802 for wireless networks, including Demand Priority and 100 VG-Any LAN technologies.
  • Data frame
    The basic package for bits that represents the PDU sent from one computer to another across a networking medium. In addition to its
  • Application server
    A specialized network server whose job is to provide access to a client/server application, and sometimes, the data that belongs to that
  • Soft page
    Soft page is an exception that occurs when data must be called back into a programs working set from another location in physical memory. Soft