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Short-term Loan

Short-term Loan is loan to a business for less than one year, usually for operating needs.

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  • Federal Reserve Bank
    Federal Reserve Bank is a quasi-public institution created in 1913 by the Federal Reserve Act that provides financial services, such as check clearing, to depository institutions in the region served by each individual Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Rate of return
    Rate of return is the payments to the owner of a security plus the change in the security’s value, expressed as a fraction of its purchase price. More precisely called the rate of return.
  • Sources of bank’s Income
    There are different sources of income for commercial bank. Such as Interest on loan, Profitable investment, Lockers rent...
  • Capital market instruments
    Capital market instruments is investment securities that reach maturity over periods longer than one year.
  • Expected return
    Expected return is the return on an asset expected over the next period.
  • Letter of credit
    Letter of credit is a legal notice in which a bank or other institution guarantees the credit of one of its customers who is borrowing from another institution.
  • Value Date
    Value Date is the date on which foreign exchanges bought and sold have to be delivered and the prices payable for them in local currency have to