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Short-term Loan

Short-term Loan is loan to a business for less than one year, usually for operating needs.

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  • Vostro Account
    Vostro Account is a bank account held by a foreign correspondent of the local bank with that bank, in the local currency.
  • Weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
    Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is the sum of the proportionally weighted costs of different sources of capital, used as the minimum ...
  • Establishing new foreign subsidiaries
    Firms can also penetrate foreign markets by establishing new operations in foreign countries to produce and sell their products.
  • Costly state verification
    Costly state verification means monitoring a firm’s activities, an expensive process in both time and money.
  • Euro-Commercial paper (ECP)
    Euro-Commercial paper (ECP), like commercial paper issued in domestic markets around the world, is a short-term debt obligation of a corporation or bank.
  • Adjusted present value
    Adjusted present value refers to a type of present value analysis in capital budgeting in which operating cash flows are discounted separately from (1) the various ...
  • Outright
    Outright is the purchase or sale of foreign currency for delivery at any forward date beyond two working days ahead.