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Standard predetermined overhead rate

Standard predetermined overhead rate is an overhead rate determined by dividing budgeted overhead costs by an expected standard activity index.

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  • Straight-line method of amortization
    Straight-line method of amortization is a method of amortizing bond discount or bond premium that results in allocating the same amount to interest expense in each interest period.
  • Carrying (or book) value method
    Carrying or book value method is the method of recording the bond conversion that the company does not consider the current market price...
  • Standard costs
    Standard costs are predetermined unit costs which companies use as measures of performance.
  • Double entry system
    Double entry system refers to a system that records in appropriate accounts the dual effect of each transaction. This system provides a logical method for recording transactions.
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    The practice of keeping leased assets and lease liabilities off the balance sheet is referred to as off-balance-sheet financing.