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Strategic International HRM

Strategic international HRM is defined ashuman resource management issues, functions, and policies, and practices that result from the strategic activities of multinational enterprises and that affect eh international concerns and goals of those enterprises.

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  • The Recruiting Yield Pyramid
    Recruiting yield pyramid is the historical arithmetic relationships between recruitment leads and invitees, invitees and interviews and offers made, and offers accepted.
  • Reasonable accommodation
    Reasonable accommodation refers to modifying or adjusting a job process or a work environment to better enable a qualified individual
  • Horizontal organization
    Horizontal organization is a flat organizational structure that consists of fewer hierarchal levels. Such organizational structures often rely on the use of cross-functional teams.
  • Unemployment Insurance
    Unemployment insurance or compensation law which provides benefits if a person is unable to work through no fault of his or her own.
  • Role or specific competencies
    Role or specific competencies- characteristics shared by different positions within an organization. Only those members of an organization...
  • Occupational groups
    Occupational groups used to classify specific occupations into a specific category, such as professionals, technical/hi-tech, administrative/clerical, sales, service, retail, etc.
  • Polycentric
    Polycentric refers to a conscious belief that only host-country managers can ever really understand the culture and behavior of the host-country market; therefore...