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Strategic International HRM

Strategic international HRM is defined ashuman resource management issues, functions, and policies, and practices that result from the strategic activities of multinational enterprises and that affect eh international concerns and goals of those enterprises.

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  • Cafeteria plan
    Cafeteria plan is a benefit plan which allows employees to choose between one or more qualified tax-favored benefits and cash.
  • Distance learning
    Distance learning is the process of delivering educational or instructional programs to locations away from a classroom or site to another location by using technology,
  • Premium pay
    Premium pay refers to additional compensation paid for work performed outside of regularly scheduled work hours.
  • Negligent training
    Negligent training is a situation where an employer fails to train adequately, and the employee subsequently harms a third party.
  • Integrity testing
    Integrity testing is a pre-employment psychological assessment tool used to gauge an applicant’s honesty.
  • Career Development
    Career development is the lifelong series of activities (such as workshops) that contribute to a person’s career exploration, establishment, success and fulfillment.
  • Competitive Advantage
    Competitive advantage refers to any factors that allow an organization to differentiate its product or service from those of its competitors to increase market share.