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Term Loan

Term Loan is a loan intended for medium-term or long-term financing to supply cash to purchase fixed assets such as machinery, land or buildings or to renovate business premises

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  • Required reserves
    Required reserves is the reserves that are held to meet the Fed’s requirement that for every dollar of deposits at a bank, a certain fraction must be kept as reserves.
  • Credit
    Credit means bank’s advance or investment that is made by commercial banks or other financial institutions in order to attain the objective of ...
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  • Participation loans
    Participation loans is the purchases of loans by a third party, not part of the original loan contracts.
  • Equity commitment notes
    Equity commitment notes is the type of bank capital in the form of debt securities that is repayable only from the future sale of bank stock.
  • Indirect financing
    Indirect financing is the process by which deficit spending units obtain funds from financial intermediaries who, in turn, them from ultimate
  • Defensive open market operations
    Defensive open market operations is the open market operations intended to offset movements in other factors that affect the monetary