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Term Loan

Term Loan is a loan intended for medium-term or long-term financing to supply cash to purchase fixed assets such as machinery, land or buildings or to renovate business premises

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  • Revaluation
    Revaluation is an upward change in the official parity of an exchange rate from that which it was previously set.
  • Option
    Option is the right of choice or election of a buyer or seller.It is a contract that gives its holder the right to buy or sell an asset at some predetermined price within a specified period of time.
  • Acceptance
    The term Acceptance means an undertaking by the drawee (who then becomes the “acceptor”), of a Bill of Exchange to pay to the person presenting the bill.
  • Dividends
    Dividends are a company earnings that may be paid out to shareholders according to the number of shares or stocks they hold. Dividends can be
  • Escrow Account
    Escrow Account is an account for which a bank acts as an uninterested third party (custodian / depository) to ensure compliance
  • Credit Crunch
    Credit Crunch refers to a situation where supply of credit falls even though there is sufficient demand for it.
  • Case of Need
    The drawer of a bill, and any endorser, may insert therein the name of a party to whom the holder may resort in case of need