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Universal Bank

Universal Bank is a bank or a financial institution that has the legal authority to offer all financial services and may, thus, be engaged in securities dealing, insurance, underwriting, and the full range of more traditional banking services.

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  • Long position
    Long position refers to a position in which foreign currency assets exceed foreign currency liabilities to deliver.
  • Property-casualty insurance policies
    Property-casualty insurance policies is the contracts that pledge reimbursement of policyholders for personal injuries, property damage, and other losses incurred in return for policyholder premium payments.
  • Monetary neutrality
    Monetary neutrality is a proposition that in the long run, a percentage rise in the money supply is matched by the same percentage rise in
  • Marketing Personnel
    With greater competition today, banks have an urgent need to develop new services and to more aggressively sell existing services tasks...
  • Sweep accounts
    Sweep accounts is the contracts executed between a bank and some of its deposit customers that bank to transfer funds (usually overnight)
  • Bid/Ask Spread of Banks
    Commercial banks charge fees for conducting foreign exchange transaction. At any given point in time, a bank’s bid (buy) quote for a foreign currency will be less than its ask (sell) quote.
  • Quotas
    Quotas is the restrictions on the quantity of foreign goods that can be imported.