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Universal Bank

Universal Bank is a bank or a financial institution that has the legal authority to offer all financial services and may, thus, be engaged in securities dealing, insurance, underwriting, and the full range of more traditional banking services.

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  • Cash Credits
    In generally, when the banks take products and non-fixed assets for the security and sanctions to the business people is called cash credit. Here the clients have to open an account to take loan.
  • Fiduciary relationship
    Fiduciary relationship is the an agreement between a bank and its customer in which the bank becomes responsible for managing the customer’s funds or other property.
  • Agency bank
    Agency bank is a form of organization commonly used by foreign banks to enter the US market. An agency bank cannot accept deposits or extend loans in its own name; it acts as agent for the parent bank.
  • Investment Banking Specialists
    Banks are becoming increasingly involved in assisting their business customers with the issue of bonds, notes, and stock to raise...
  • Annual meeting
    Annual meeting is a meeting of stockholder held once a year at which the managers of a company report to the stockholders on the year's
  • International Bonds
    International bonds are debt securities issued by foreign companies or governments and sold domestically.International bonds are typically classified as either foreign bonds or Euro-bonds. A foreign bond is issued by a borrower foreign to the country where the bond is placed.
  • Self-insurance fund
    Self-insurance fund is a special fund of cash and marketable securities that will be used to pay for losses caused by natural disasters such as fire flood, and earthquake.