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Variable Expenses

Variable Expenses Costs of doing business that vary with the volume of business, such as advertising costs, manufacturing costs and bad debts.

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  • Blank Endorsement
    Blank Endorsement is an endorsement in blank specifies no endorsee and a bill so endorsed becomes payable to bearer and may be negotiated by delivery.
  • Possessions Corporation
    Possessions Corporation refers to a U.S. corporation, the subsidiary of another U.S. corporation, which for tax purposes is treated as if it were a foreign corporation.
  • International Development Association (IDA)
    The International Development Association was created in 1960 with country development objectives somewhat similar to those of the World Bank.
  • Net interest margin
    Net interest margin is the spread between the interest income and interest expense of a bank, divided by either its total assets or its total earning assets.
  • Acceptor
    Acceptor is the person who accepts a Bill of Exchange drawn on him/her.
  • Concentration banking
    Concentration banking refers to collect the amount of check by the regional collection centre instead of the central office.
  • Full-service interstate banking
    Full-service interstate banking is the establishment of banks or bank