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Waybill is non-negotiable transport document, issued for either ocean transport (sea waybill) or air transport (air waybill).

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  • Remitting Bank
    Remitting Bank under documentary collections the bank to which the principal (exporter) has entrusted the handling of a collection.
  • Swap
    A swap is an agreement between two companies to exchange cash flows in the future to protect their positions from different risks.
  • Certificate of Deposit (CD)
    Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a negotiable instrument issued by a bank evidencing time deposit
  • Foreign Currency Account
    Foreign Currency Account is deposit account expressed in a foreign currency maintained with a domestic bank.
  • Credit History
    Credit History is a record of how a person or company has borrowed and repaid debts.
  • Collecting Bank
    Collecting Bank is any bank, other than the remitting bank, involved in processing the collection.
  • Beneficiary
    Beneficiary is the seller or exporter in whose favour the documentary credit has been established.