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battery - Meaning and Examples

Meaning of 'battery' (Webster Dictionary)

1 . Battery [ v. t.]
- The act of battering or beating.
- The unlawful beating of another. It includes every willful, angry and violent, or negligent touching of another's person or clothes, or anything attached to his person or held by him.
- Any place where cannon or mortars are mounted, for attack or defense.
- Two or more pieces of artillery in the field.
- A company or division of artillery, including the gunners, guns, horses, and all equipments. In the United States, a battery of flying artillery consists usually of six guns.
- A number of coated jars (Leyden jars) so connected that they may be charged and discharged simultaneously.
- An apparatus for generating voltaic electricity.
- A number of similar machines or devices in position; an apparatus consisting of a set of similar parts; as, a battery of boilers, of retorts, condensers, etc.
- A series of stamps operated by one motive power, for crushing ores containing the precious metals.
- The box in which the stamps for crushing ore play up and down.
- The pitcher and catcher together.

Meaning of 'battery' (Princeton's WordNet)

1 . battery [ n]
Meaning (1):
- the heavy fire of artillery to saturate an area rather than hit a specific target
Example in sentence:
  • the shelling went on for hours without pausing;
  • they laid down a barrage in front of the advancing troops
Meaning (2):
- a collection of related things intended for use together
Example in sentence:
  • took a battery of achievement tests