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Meaning of 'plead' (Webster Dictionary)

1 . Plead
- of Plead
2 . Plead [ v. t.]
- To argue in support of a claim, or in defense against the claim of another; to urge reasons for or against a thing; to attempt to persuade one by argument or supplication; to speak by way of persuasion; as, to plead for the life of a criminal; to plead with a judge or with a father.
- To present an answer, by allegation of fact, to the declaration of a plaintiff; to deny the plaintiff's declaration and demand, or to allege facts which show that ought not to recover in the suit; in a less strict sense, to make an allegation of fact in a cause; to carry on the allegations of the respective parties in a cause; to carry on a suit or plea.
- To contend; to struggle.
- To discuss, defend, and attempt to maintain by arguments or reasons presented to a tribunal or person having uthority to determine; to argue at the bar; as, to plead a cause before a court or jury.
- To allege or cite in a legal plea or defense, or for repelling a demand in law; to answer to an indictment; as, to plead usury; to plead statute of limitations; to plead not guilty.
- To allege or adduce in proof, support, or vendication; to offer in excuse; as, the law of nations may be pleaded in favor of the rights of ambassadors.

Meaning of 'plead' (Princeton's WordNet)

1 . plead [ v]
Meaning (1):
- appeal or request earnestly
Example in sentence:
  • I pleaded with him to stop
Meaning (2):
- enter a plea, as in courts of law
Example in sentence:
  • She pleaded not guilty
Meaning (3):
- offer as an excuse or plea
Example in sentence:
  • She was pleading insanity