Application-dedicated software

Application software can be of two types such as general-purpose software and application-dedicated software. The second type can be defined in the following ways:

Definition (1):

Application-dedicated software refers to specialized or customized applications designed to meet the particular information needs of an organization.

Definition (2):

This software is also known as special application-based software. This software consists of a specialized application designed for each specific purpose of a business or organization. Such software cannot easily be adapted and modified for other applications as it is designed for performing a specified task such as medical-related application, educational related application, scientific application, and the like.

Application-dedicated software can perform more complex operations needed by the specific application other than computing functions and transmitting the diameter or any other measurable dimension. It checks the tolerance status, displays the diameter, classifies any out of specification part, gives automatic machine regulation, allows the interfacing to external computers, prints statistical reports for Quality Certification and Process Control, straightly speaking, gives any other performance that is needed by the certain application.

Use of the term in Sentence:

  • The professor is discussing application-dedicated software in the computer programming class.



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