Buying Intentions Survey

Definition (1):

Buying intentions survey is an instrument that is used to gauge customer interest in a product or service. It consists of a concept statement or a similar description of a product or service with a short survey attached. The statement and survey should be distributed to 20 to 30 potential customers (people who completed the concept statement test should not be asked to complete this survey). Each participant should be asked to read the statement and complete the survey.

Definition (2):

Buying intentions survey is an investigation planned to discover buyers’ future plans regarding buying a specific good or service. It is undertaken for enabling a company to generate more realistic forecasts of the expected or estimated future demands for its product. Generally, these surveys are executed by direct mail questionnaires or interviewers.

Definition (3):

Buying intentions survey is a method used to determine customer interest in a specific product or service. The survey has different questions which are planned to check or examine customer interest in a specific product or service. Thus, they can determine the product's or service's desirability and demand.

Use of the term in Sentence:

  • The company is planning a buying intentions survey for determining its product’s demand.
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