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Definition in General

Classes are groups of people or things. The distinction between these sets of people or things based on their characteristic similarities and/or dissimilarities clusters them into groups; they are classes.

Definition in Biology

A taxonomic group between order and division (phylum) as classified by the International Botanical Congress. Animals and plants are categorized into groups and subgroups for to-the-point identification and “class” is one of these nine taxonomical groups.

Example: Tigers fall into the class - “Mammalia” under kingdom - “Animalia,” and phylum - “Chordata”.

Definition in Education

Groups of students that are taught together in schools based on their similar educational backgrounds. 

Example: Teachers are tired of seasonal fevers hitting their classes.

In British universities, class is a part of the grading system where a certain score in the examinations puts the examinees into separate classes. 

Example: Second-class grades are never anybody’s primary goal.

Definition in Sociology

Groups based on an ambiguous social ranking system where people are categorized depending on their profession, wealth, power and degree of control over production.

Example: Owning a few houses and luxury cars are signatures of upper-class status.

Definition in Informal Speech

Often in speech, impressive poise and gesture are termed "class" while making a high level of behavioral or clothing statement.

Example: She has been an absolute class act in the theatre.


Category: Sociology
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