Condition refers to

1. Those variables of an operational environment or situation in which a unit, system, or individual is expected to operate and may affect performance.  

2. A physical or behavioral state of a system that is required for the achievement of an objective. 

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Condition
- Mode or state of being; state or situation with regard to external circumstances or influences, or to physical or mental integrity, health, strength, etc.; predicament; rank; position, estate.
- Essential quality; property; attribute.
- Temperament; disposition; character.
- That which must exist as the occasion or concomitant of something else; that which is requisite in order that something else should take effect; an essential qualification; stipulation; terms specified.
- A clause in a contract, or agreement, which has for its object to suspend, to defeat, or in some way to modify, the principal obligation; or, in case of a will, to suspend, revoke, or modify a devise or bequest. It is also the case of a future uncertain event, which may or may not happen, and on the occurrence or non-occurrence of which, the accomplishment, recission, or modification of an obligation or testamentary disposition is made to depend.
- To invest with, or limit by, conditions; to burden or qualify by a condition; to impose or be imposed as the condition of.
- To contract; to stipulate; to agree.
- To put under conditions; to require to pass a new examination or to make up a specified study, as a condition of remaining in one's class or in college; as, to condition a student who has failed in some branch of study.
- To test or assay, as silk (to ascertain the proportion of moisture it contains).
- train; acclimate.
2. Condition
- To make terms; to stipulate.
- To impose upon an object those relations or conditions without which knowledge and thought are alleged to be impossible.
Category: Defense Terms
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