A consolidation occurs when two or more companies join together and form an entirely new company. In this case, the assets and liabilities of both companies are taken on by the third company, usually after the original companies are dissolved. Burroughs and Sperry, two computer manufacturers, consolidated to form UNISYS. Three hospitals in Toronto—York Finch, Humber Memorial, and Northwestern General merged in response to budged cutbacks.

Definition 2.

Consolidation— in the context of accounting for multinational corporations, the process of preparing a single “reporting currency” financial statement that combines financial statements of affiliates that are in fact measured in different currencies.

Consolidation is the idea that after something has been learned physiological changes take place in the brain that helps fix it in the memory.

Consolidation is combining of business organizations through mergers and acquisitions.

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Consolidation
- The act or process of consolidating, making firm, or uniting; the state of being consolidated; solidification; combination.
- To organic cohesion of different circled in a flower; adnation.
- The combination of several actions into one.
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