Convoy refers to

1. a number of merchant ships and/or naval auxiliaries usually escorted by
warships and/or aircraft — or a single merchant ship or naval auxiliary under surface
escort — assembled and organized for the purpose of passage together.

2. a group ofvehicles organized for the purpose of control and orderly movement with or without escort protection that moves over the same route at the same time and under one

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Convoy
- The act of attending for defense; the state of being so attended; protection; escort.
- A vessel or fleet, or a train or trains of wagons, employed in the transportation of munitions of war, money, subsistence, clothing, etc., and having an armed escort.
- A protection force accompanying ships, etc., on their way from place to place, by sea or land; an escort, for protection or guidance.
- Conveyance; means of transportation.
- A drag or brake applied to the wheels of a carriage, to check their velocity in going down a hill.
2. Convoy
- To accompany for protection, either by sea or land; to attend for protection; to escort; as, a frigate convoys a merchantman.
Category: Defense Terms
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