Device sharing

Definition (1):

Device sharing refers to a primary purpose for networking: permitting users to share access to devices of all kinds, including servers and peripherals such as printers or plotters.

Definition (2):

Device sharing is a process where-“A small, inexpensive multiplexer that combines two independent data signals, which are then transmitted over the same communications line.”

Definition (3):

Computer network gives great flexibility like more than one computer may share one hardware device such as a plotter, printer, fax machine, and the like. This is called device sharing. It does not require adding a separate plotter, printer, or fax machine with each computer system.

It provides people and organizations with the following advantages:

  • It saves money because people and organizations don’t require spending more money on buying multiple devices.
  • It saves time because people and businesses don’t need to spend more time purchasing multiple devices.
  • It saves the energy of people because they don’t require buying and adding separate devices for and to each computer system.

Use of the term in Sentence:

  • The organization is struggling because of its shortage of funds and is thinking of device sharing for cost-cutting.
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