DSS generator

Definition (1):

DSS generator is comprised of programs such as data management tools, electronic spreadsheets, report generators, and statistical packages to facilitate systems development.


 - FOCUS, Symphony, Excel, NOMAD, and Lotus

Definition (2):

A DSS generator refers to a software package providing capabilities for developing specific DSSs easily and rapidly. The functions of generators differ greatly. Their common feature is that most of the data accessing and processing functionality required in a specific DSS are already programmed into the generator, and, so, developing a specific DSS doesn’t need much programming.

Definition (3):

A DSS generator indicates a package of interrelated software and hardware for facilitating system development.

The development of these generators is a complex and tedious task. There is no such DSS generator that can be referred to as a powerful, “user-friendly”, and generalized system, which offers a complete range of capabilities for easily developing specific DSS in all application areas. For the purpose of integrating various data management and decision support capabilities into a well-planned, orderly whole a comprehensive design model must be developed as a basis for building such software systems.

Each of the mentioned generators has features that can easily be considered by an unprepared user as a trap. These features should be analyzed and particular implementation principles should be established before coding the dialogue.

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