Establishment Stage

Definition (1):

The establishment stage spans roughly ages 24 to 44 and is the heart of most people’s work lives. During this period, a suitable occupation is found (hopefully) and the person engages in those activities that help the person earn a permanent place in it. Often, and particularly in the professions, the person locks onto a chosen occupation early. But in most cases, this is a period of testing. The person is continually testing his or her capabilities and ambitions against those of her/his initial occupational choice.

Definition (2):

A person’s career’s first stage is called the establishment stage. During this stage, an individual learns the job’s basic elements and where s/he fits within a company. This stage’s approximate age range differs from 21 to 26 years of age. Some persons who switch careers later in life also need to go through the stage at more advanced ages.

Definition (3):

The establishment stage starts when a person starts looking for work. It consists of getting a person’s first job. A person is likely to make mistakes during this stage, so s/he has the opportunities to learn from those mistakes and can also assume higher responsibilities. S/he accepts the challenges in the job and builds competence in a certain area. S/he becomes creative and rotates into another new area after 3 to 5 years.

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