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Job sampling

Definition (1):

Job sampling, the term refers to the practice of observing and measuring how an applicant actually performs certain selected job tasks.

Definition (2):

Job sampling is an endeavor taken for students to relate the classroom to careers and involve students in the world of job or work. The duration of this job sample experience may differ but generally, is formed of half-day visits to a work site. Job or work sites can include government, private, or non-profit sector, where students play as employees and take part in workplace functions.

Definition (3):

Job sampling indicates a short length of job tryouts and /or job observations in the working community or the workplace. Feedback of the clients or observers informed choice, and observation of the instructor is important in this area. The employment goal of the client is also important and must have consistency with interest and aptitudes. This practice can consist of but is not limited to the following job behaviors’ objective:

  • Response to supervision
  • Awareness for safety
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Application of practical or working skills

Job sampling can serve people with the following benefits:

  • Shows the relation between classrooms and careers, encouraging students for learning by making the class work more interesting and relevant.
  • Develops community relationships between schools and companies or businesses enhancing the educational experience of the students.
  • Shows the way education can be transformed or translated into a financially secure and rewarding future by giving a fun and uncommon practical experience that shows the connection between academic and real life.
  • Introduces students to the professions’ and industries’ requirements to assist them to develop to join the workforce.
  • Stimulates a continuous relationship between youth and adults.
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