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What Is Maintenance? Types of Maintenances with Practical Example

What is Maintenance?

Maintenance technically refers to function testing, maintenance, restoration, or upgradation of handy systems, and technologies. It is done by investing in infrastructure and facilitating its effectiveness in corporate, commercial, and residential settings.

In business and the real world, maintenance costs are related to the funds spent on retaining something in an excellent functioning shape or state.

Understanding Maintenance

Maintenance sometimes referred to as technical maintenance, is a collection of activities and practices to ensure the continued and productive environment of technology, infrastructure, and other resources commonly employed in the business. Developing a good maintenance program requires attention to detail to achieve the proper operation and lifespan of technology, resources, buildings, and entire organizations. 

Types of Maintetnance

There are some types of maintenance which are described below-

Condition-Based Maintenance

Condition-based maintenance is often regarded as more of a sophisticated option than condition monitoring. Equipment and processes are closely reviewed for alterations that might suggest future trouble rather than being checked on a routine.

Predictive Maintenance

This form of maintenance focuses on approaches for determining the best timetable for scheduled and constructive maintenance. Its major purpose is to forecast, using a range of technical approaches when a device will begin to experience severe damage so that remedial maintenance might be performed without compromising production targets and before the unit fails.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is activities that identify and correct a systemic failure so the device can be returned to good operating condition. It is not a plan, as opposed to reactive maintenance, but rather an action directed towards a particular type of hardware. Furthermore, the flaw may be detected before it produces a serious problem or complete equipment malfunction.

Predetermined Maintenance

Refers to regular preventive maintenance, such as restoring oil, straps, brake disk, and other compression parts. Schedules ensure the effects are also included, in which equipment and parts are disassembled for evaluation.

Practical Example

An unexpected refrigerator failure can devastate a business, leading to significant food loss, being shut down for the remainder of each day (or the time required to make appropriate replacements), and substantial repair expenses. 

Annual maintenance and washing of the heat exchanger will mean avoiding such an expensive occurrence. It'll still mean reduced risk for your company in the long term.

In Sentences

  • Maintenance is intended to give assistance or maintain doing something.
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