Mass interview

Definition (1):

A mass Interview is defined as where a panel interviews several candidates simultaneously. The panel poses a problem, and then watches to see which candidate takes the lead in formulating an answer.

Definition (2):

This interview is also known as a group interview. Because in this interview, a group of job candidates are all interviewed at once.

Typically, a board of interviewers allows them to discuss matters regarding the job among them and one or more of the board observes while rating their performance. These interviews are generally considered the most suitable for selecting managers. They can also be applied with groups of present employees for evaluating their performance in supervisory roles.

Definition (3):

“A mass interview is an interview where several job candidates are all being interviewed at the same time. “

The main motive behind a group interview is to find out which particular candidate takes the lead from the group and to observe how the participants interact or communicate with each other.

Use of the term in Sentence:

  • The company has organized a mass interview for selecting suitable candidates for the managerial posts.
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