Named area of interest

Definition (1):

Named area of interest refers to the geospatial area or link or systems node against which information satisfying a certain information requirement can be gathered. Generally, named areas of interest are selected for capturing indications of adversary courses of action.  But it can also be related to the operational environment’s conditions. It is also known as NAI.

Definition (2):

The named area of interest indicates the geographical area in which information fulfilling a certain information need can be obtained. Named areas of interest are generally selected for capturing signs of adversary courses of action. But it can also be associated with the conditions of the battlespace.

Definition (3):

A named area of interest is an area or point along a mobility corridor or avenue of approach where the activity will confirm or deny a specific course of action. Named areas of interest may be a particular point on the ground, a particular movement route, or an area. These areas are positioned in numbered sequence along a mobility corridor or avenue of approach when possible. It enables the calculation of the times of the movement between particular NAI and minimizes confusion as to the particular corridor or avenue under consideration.

Category: Defense Terms
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