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OOP Class

OOP Class is the short form for Object-Oriented Programming Class in the highly popular programming languages. Here, class is the blueprint for the created objects.

Attributes, methods and functions get added to these objects and the classes help define broader groups and the definite blueprint that may be further defined by the attributes attached later on.

The keyword “class” and two curly brackets “{ }” on either side create the user-defined objects that fall under the specific class in the PHP codes. Methods, functions etc. can be added to create new distinctive objects.

Objects and classes are two of the most important elements to learn while taking up coding as a profession.


For example, creating classes of books would require defining or categorizing them based on variables such as topic, genre, author, weight or even color. 

When individual books are created/listed as objects they will obtain all the values of the class - “books” but each will have different sets of variables counting up to different values of properties. 


Use of the Term in Sentences

  • One can start learning to code in PHP by getting to know about OOP class and objects and go from there.
  • OOP classes are one of the major components of PHP code.


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