Over conforming

Definition (1):

Over conforming sometimes used to describe a person who is excessively slavish to the demands of authority or the conventions of social norms.

Definition (2):

Over conforming means conforming to a greater degree or extent than desirable or necessary.

Definition (3):

Over conforming refers to strictly following rules, regulations, social norms, and laws. An example of this can be not crossing a totally empty road when the traffic light is showing red. Strictly following all traffic rules can be another example. There are some people in working places too who excessively follow whatever rules the authority makes without thinking for a second time. Their colleagues consider them as troublesome persons because of their nature. 

People are always, generally annoyed with this type of person. They may think that there might be a problem with this type of person. Even sometimes people call them psychopaths. Overall, society negatively evaluates people of this nature. Because generally, people believe that excess of anything is bad.

Use of the term in Sentence:

  • If you become so over conforming, people will either start suspecting you or become annoyed with you. So, please be careful.
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