Position Replacement Card

Definition (1):

A position replacement card is a card prepared for each position in a company to show possible replacement candidates and their qualifications, present performance, promotion potential, and training.

Definition (2):

Position replacement card refers to a card made in an organization for every position to show the probable replacement candidates and their skills and qualifications.

Suppose, you work in the human resource department of an organization. You are creating a card for every position in that organization that shows probable replacement and their present performance, promotion potential, and training. This position replacement card is made for every position in that organization to demonstrate probable replacement candidates and their potentials or qualifications. For instance, if there is a position vacant for divisional in charge you have nominees of four people’s names in distinct or separate position cards and it holds each candidate’s qualifications, skills, knowledge, and required training. The card’s end holds the current performance level of the candidate like excellent, satisfactory, average, and requires improvement and their promotion capability or potential like the candidate is all set or ready now, requires further training, or questionable.

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