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Qualifications Inventories

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Qualifications Inventories refer to manual or computerized systematic records, listing employees' career and development interests, education, special skills, languages, and so on, for utilizing in the forecasting process of promotion for inside candidates.

Definition (2):

Qualifications Inventories indicate manual or computerized records kept systematically, which enlist each employee’s education, job-related information such as special skills, career interests, known languages, and other detailed information which can be helpful for forecasting regarding internal promotion, and succession planning of candidates.

Some people can think maintaining qualifications inventories is not essential and thus, is resource-inefficient. But compiling these inventories for each employee of the organization helps managers in assessing employee qualifications and skills quickly, and they can compile a qualified candidates’ list for vacant positions within the organization. Several tools are used for collecting such information. Generally, managers use questionnaires and email those to employees, where they ask them for rating their level of competence and knowledge in various skills. Then the managers use this received information for creating a database.

Managers and employees both share the duty of maintaining these inventories up-to-date and relevant. If these inventories do not hold required and relevant items like skills, qualification, experience, talent, and others, there are greater possibilities that some employees within the organization who have the exact match of qualifications for a work or job can be overlooked by the management while shortlisting and selecting suitable candidates.

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